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AMPATH Kenya Health Reporters using Timby App learn Design Thinking

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Published : 20 July, 2017 | Updated : 20 September, 2017

28 AMPATH Health Reporters gathered this past week to learn and apply the Design Thinking Process to TIMBY Reporting. TIMBY (This is my Backyard) is a creative new app being used to collect health stories from community members. TIMBY stories will be spread via social media & newspapers to help Kenyans understand health problems affecting individuals & their communities & move toward solutions. 

At the Design Thinking Workshop, Health Reporters engaged with Drew Goodin, a Design Thinking teacher from the US, in user-experience exercises including observation, immersion, and journey mapping to learn how to improve the health reporting process.

“Putting TIMBY in the hands of these talented health reporters will create awesome results. They have so much enthusiasm and I can’t wait to see the stories that develop from their reporting!” said Goodin. 

#HERTimby joins similar projects around the world to report health stories, including @ProPublica looking at maternal mortality, @SoIHadAnAbortion fighting stigma around abortion, & many more!