31st July, 2017

In talking with Timothy, an AMPATH Health Reporter, Paul, a resident of Eldoret shares his views on sexual health education. He reveals that in all his educational years, he was never given any sex education. It was only after completing college that he was able to get information on sex education from other youths in a dance crew he joined. The much he knew about sexual health he learnt from the media.  "I only used to hear of contraceptives, HIV infection rates and STD's through media adverts" Paul said.  Having witnessed many abortion cases, he believes that it is due to lack of access to sexual health education. In spite of the varying perceptions concerning the topic of sexual health, he strongly feels that information on this should still be availed and easily accessible to inform choices on reproductive health. Paul urges the government to step in to ensure all people access sexual health education. Not only does he think this will help in encouraging use of family planning but also help control spread of HIV/AIDs and other sexually related health problems. From this conversation, it is clearly established that sexual health is a topic that is rarely talked about in the community, which leaves many youths with lack of information on how to go about practicing safe sex. In the end, many end up making bad choices that would probably have been avoided had they had access to the right information pertaining their sexuality.

Paul from Action sharing on sexual health education.