Minding the Gap: Adolescent access to Sexual health education

31st July, 2017

In an interview with Sylvia, a resident of West Indies, Eldoret, she reveals that she first accessed sexual education while in high school. Due to the African cultural beliefs that make this topic a taboo to openly discuss on, her parents never had any discussion on sexual health with her. She believes that most most people are constrained from accessing sexual health education due to ignorance and the African cultural beliefs and norms which makes it even more of a taboo for adults to have talks and discussions with the youths on this topic. She believes that more platforms need to be created that will enable more people, especially the adolescents have access to the right sexual health education. This she believes ''will enable people to practice safe sex and make informed decisions concerning their sexual health " Sylvia said.

Sylvia from West Indies sharing on sexual health education.