24th July, 2017

James from Kapseret, Uasin Gishu County came to first hear and learn about HIV/AIDS during his days in school at age 10 when he was in Standard 6. His parents and peers were not very open about discussing this subject at this point until he got to college. James prevents himself from getting infected with the virus by abstaining or using condoms for protection whenever he engages in sexual activities. According to him, one can get infected with HIV through engaging in unprotected sex, sharing sharp/cutting objects with infected persons and interestingly, through kissing. James got really worried the first time he went to check on his status because he was in a long distance sexual relationship. But at least he knows his status though he still has trust issues with the partner. He finally urged all stakeholders to increase awareness about HIV/AIDS among sexually active youth to curb on the spread of this virus.  
An interview with James on HIV/AIDs.