AMPATH and TIMBY have joined forces to equip young health reporters in Kenya with the ability to investigate health problems in their communities and disseminate this information through social media to crowd source community health problem-solving.

Using TIMBY, health reporters are able to capture the complex, important, and sometimes subtle ways in which health problems affect diverse individuals within a community.

By engaging and empowering communities in health problem-solving, we hope to impact the important health issues affecting Kenya, including high rates of teen pregnancy, maternal and child mortality, unsafe abortion, communicable diseases, and more.

Our investigative series provides an opportunity to disrupt the current narrative of health care services in Kenya and to truly hear from community members themselves about the problems they face and learn how they think we should work to solve them.

Contact us at hertimby@gmail.com to get involved!

Also, learn more about AMPATH and about TIMBY.